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Island Jewels About me & my jewelry

I love creating.

I always have a design emerging in my mind. I am fortunate to have spent most of my work life in a creative environment. I do, however, spend a great deal of time in front of my computer. So I love to take a break from the screen and create some jewelry.

Most of the metal I work with is repurposed.

So whether it's a penny, a piece of wire, a vintage silver tray, or antique sterling silver flatware, you are buying a unique piece of jewelry. On this website are photos of my current pieces. Have a look at my store where you will find all the in-stock pieces available for purchase. Or if you are on Pender Island on Saturday morning, please come to the farmers market (located at the Community Hall) to say hello.

Caring for copper (and silver).

I get asked "does copper (brass or silver) tarnish?" and the answer is yes. But it is very easy to keep it bright. Simply clean it with ketchup (yes, ketchup - it is the combination of ingredients like vinegar and salt that do the job).

In the photo below, I took pictures of a necklace of mine that I let tarnish for a number of months. A blob of ketchup is applied and let sit for a couple of minutes (time varies depending on how tarnished your jewelry is), and then rinse in warm water. Dry with a soft cloth and polish with a polishing cloth and voila - like new!



  • Tarnished (left)

  • Necklace covered in ketchup (middle)

  • Cleaned (right)

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